History of Kawase

May 1955

Our company was originally established in Osaka, as “KAWASE SHIKO,” and started making and selling business forms and roll paper

October 1956
Tokyo Head office established
December 1956

Osaka Factory established

November 1965
Nagoya Branch established
January 1968
Kyoto Branch established
February 1968
Kobe Branch established
November 1976

Company name changed to “KAWASE COMPUTER SUPPLIES CO., LTD”.
Osaka Factory established

September 1983
Yokohama Branch established
November 1987
Chiba Branch established
April 1990
Osaka Merchandise Center established
March 1995

Osaka KIPS Center established
high-speed inkjet printers introduced
data print service started

July 1997
Host computers introduced for data processing
December 1998

TOKYO KIPS Center established, with high-speed inkjet printers installed.

December 2000

VICS-Variable Information, on-demand Color-Print system developed

March 2001

Listed on the second section of the Osaka Stock Exchange.
[Code 7851]

September 2002
ISO9001 certification acquired by Tokyo KIPS center
January 2004
Privacy Mark System (JIPDEC) certification acquired
July 2004
Tokyo Head Office moved to Ginza 6-chome
March 2008

New data processing center in Chiba Research Park completed

November 2008
Sectional 8 color rotary press introduced
September 2009

Full-color inkjet printers introduced

March 2011
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification acquired
June 2011
Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification acquired
June 2013
Digital Invoice Delivery Service started
July 2013
TSE and OSE to merge into the Japan Exchange Group
June 2015
Patent obtained in June 2015 for our electronic invoice issuance system (form data management method), Registration Number: Patent 5766730
February 2019
Digital Messaging Delivery Service started
June 2019

Full-color inkjet printers introduced additionally
Full-color personal print solution service started

December 2020
Tokyo Head Office relocated to 7-chome Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo