Kawase Computer Supplies is approaching its 65th birthday. The business form production operations of Kawase came to life shortly after the war during the period of recovery, with a focus on the possible future and unlimited potential that our founders perceived in computers, ahead of many others. Today, we are profoundly grateful that our ability to continue on 60 years later— We sincerely appreciate your interest in the Kawase and thank you for your continued support.

I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on our origins, and clarify our concept of the Kawase mindset. Our company creed of “Fidelity, Effort, Humility” says it all, and has served us since our founding. Those three words begin with the act of standing in the customer’s shoes. This means knowing our customers’ companies, searching to understand what they need, and to think together with them. While this may be obvious, it becomes possible to find the direction to proceed in together when those words and principles serve as a basis, and we become able to contribute to the maximization of our customers’ future value. Further, we will carry out our mission to provide the world with products and services that are appropriate for the sensibilities of a coming age based on our spirit of “sincere craftsmanship”, which is the strength of Kawase, and we will work to contribute to the health and development of society overall.

Now, we have chosen “Toward the next generation of print communications” as our corporate motto. No matter how rapidly the times change, at blinding speed, no matter what the leading media becomes, it will be the “people” and “communication” which connect things. Closely capturing the warmth that is generated when people unite together, and masterfully leveraging the skills and technologies that Kawase has long cultivated, we present you with our promise to bring out the future of people together, and printing and business, through communication. So, please keep an eye on what comes out of the new Kawase Computer Supplies.

Keisuke Kawase President & C.E.O
Keisuke KawasePresident & C.E.O