Our on-demand services enable you to edit and order printed documents through your browser

ブラウザから印刷物の編集・発注を行う、オンデマンド サービスをご提案します。

Our “Web to Print” solution

This printing solution allows you to access a personalized page on the Internet using your browser. On this page, you can input and edit your preferred images and text in a pre-registered format (template), and after checking the content with the preview function you can order the printing of your document. The whole process is completed online.
What's Web To Print?

■Overview of our “Web to Print” services

Web To Print サービスの概要

■Highlights of Kawase “Web to Print” solution

You can create your printed document using a template by editing each page as you like.
■Enhanced compliance
Using a template allows you to accurately specify your text, images, logos, and other components in your document.
■Edit and customize as you like
You can select images from our library and apply/edit them in specific areas of a template.
■Upload images
You can also edit a document using images you yourself upload.
■Input comments as text
You can input your comments on a screen and place them in your document in a flexible manner.
■Personalize your document
You can create a personalized proposal for each customer on demand by inserting customer information in each document.
■No inventory required
No inventory is wasted since you can order the exact quantity of documents at the right time.
■Cloud-based services
All you need to use this solution is an Internet connection and a browser. All processes are done through the cloud.
■Create multiple types of printed documents
You can leverage this solution to create a variety of printed documents, including catalogues, leaflets, company brochures, proposals, and business cards.