Combining variable printing with communication, we can create 120 million versions of output that are each special and unique.

Combining variable printing with communication, we can create 120 million versions of output that are each special and unique.

Does the message you wish to communicate reach the people you want it to?
Variable printing is the ultimate ally for one to one marketing.
Tell us your challenges.

Every customer is faced with different challenges, from the right approach for distributing information, to strategies for increasing sales. For that reason, our staff first listens closely to our customers.

We never force preset proposals on our customers.

We stand in the customer’s shoes and give an accurate professional opinion. Together, we find and develop the best possible solution. At Kawase, we will continue to be our customers’ best consultant.

Heart-to-heart connections.

Not only do personal data and texts vary, but pictures and illustrations, color graphs and charts vary as much as there are numbers of people. The more you break down your target segments in detail, the more it becomes possible to send accurate and heartfelt messages.

■The variable printing process

The variable printing process

■On-demand performance

We print just when you want, in the form you want, in the amount you want. That level of flexibility is the principal merit of on-demand printing. We overcome the numerous challenges faced by our customers, such as the need for speed, the need to reduce cost, and the need to maintain quality.

■Variable data and color printing

We create strategic tools to increase DM response rate and cost-effectiveness. We create on-demand printed materials in full-color, edited with variable data. We do not simply do variable printing. Rather, we use variable printing to assist our customers in their promotions.

  1. Multi product/small volume is our specialty ☞ provided at the optimum cost.
  2. Just the required number ☞ beautifully and speedily.
  3. Eliminating inventory with data storage☞ contributes to cost reduction by eliminating waste.

In on-demand printing, data is output directly by the printer. This eliminates the process of plate making required in offset printing. Because plates are not required, it is possible to print just the necessary number of sheets while keeping prices down even at small volume.

The sales promotion and personal tool materials by Kawase resonate with your customers.


■Personalized pamphlets

Our personalized pamphlets are customized 100%, including the design and content, for each customer. We can produce one to one pamphlets, perfect for counseling-based contract products, using batch processing.

■Insurance certificates

Even when contract details or products vary, we can print and ship on the day without keeping inventory.


■Campaign DM for each branch

Campaign notification content can be substituted based on segmentation using customer addresses and purchase records. The nearest branch can be pointed out and communicated on a map.

■Report of individual capital management results

Customer management details can be shown as a full-color pie chart. Changes can be displayed visually as line charts, bar graphs or radar charts.


■Periodical newsletters with amenities

Name, member ID, and the designed discount price for the coupon can be substituted for each customer segment during printing. We exercise our best abilities in periodical DM services for your members.

■DM with incentive coupons

Coupon benefit details and discount amount can be substituted while printing based on customer purchase amount and frequency of use. This is the ideal DM solution for strategies to reach as many of your highest priority customers as possible.

Various services

■Notification DM for each customer need

The content of shared notifications that were sent to all customers can be custom edited from the standpoint of customer relationships over time. This allows the sending of periodical DM.

■Account statements including segment information

The promotional content displayed is substituted during printing based on customer usage history and demographic information. It is possible to substitute coupon content at will based on purchase history.

Mail-order shopping

■A mail-order catalog for each customer preference

We can compile catalogs that show only products that will attract the customer’s interest, because products are segmented based on customer preference data. This is the optimal customized solution for periodical mail-order DM for members.

■Counseling forms with customer data

The most recommended product and approach is selected and compiled automatically based on data tailored for each customer, and printed in full-color. We can create counseling forms that handle one to one marketing.

Automobile sales

■Visitation cards with staff portraits

We can create visitation and greeting cards for each sales staff member, substituting their name, contact information, portrait photograph, or campaign information.

Chain stores

■DM customized for each store

Even for national chain stores, listed information and images can be combined using specified conditions for each store, and edited through batch processing. The customer’s name can also be printed simultaneously, all in one pass.

Real estate

■Real estate informational DM

We can compile just the properties that the customer is looking for, such as area, floor space, room layout, and price range. You can send this as periodical DM featuring the latest news.

Preparatory schools

■Personal workbooks for each rank

We can create personalized workbooks with specific exercises extracted from an exercise library for each student. This can achieve increased ability efficiently by focusing learning on difficult subjects for that student.

Internet providers

■Registration starter kits

Variable data for each registrant, such as IP number, password, contract details, options, conditions, and setup procedures, can be matched to the appropriate template and printed on demand.

Golf courses, sports clubs

■Golf courses, sports clubs

Facility/course-specific invitational DM
Content and invitational fees can be substituted while printing to invite customers to facilities other than the ones they normally use. This can be sent as campaign DM.