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Kawase print communication

Five services

Kawase is a company that provides services through print communications.
Our services are not something that can be seen with the naked eye. Rather, they are the element that brings together people, data, printing, and the “specific value” that results from those. Here, we introduce the five services provided by Kawase that products to life,which accurately meet the diverse needs of our customers.


Data printing service 〈Data printing for businesses〉

Reliable, assured, and speedy one stop processing of large volume issuance of notices related to personal information.


Variable printing 〈Full-color, on-demand〉

Generate sales promotional results through print materials that are optimized for each individual based on variable data.


Cloud-based data processing 〈Eco billing service〉

Slim down paperwork and reduce costs through paperless billing and invoicing.


Business forms 〈Forms for output, carbon copy forms, general print materials〉

We create original business forms, handling your requirements in detail.


Web to Print 〈Our solution for customers〉

Our on-demand services enable you to edit and order printed documents through your browser.